Each closet system is a collaborative effort between you and your closet designer. Together we will create a storage system specifically designed for the way you live and the items you store. And then we style your closet to fit seamlessly into the aesthetic of your home.


A walk in closet is a dream for many. Be it huge or compact, it serves as a room in itself. You can get inside to have a holistic view of the clothes and garments you have in a bird’s eye view. You just don’t need to worry to get ready every day you leave your home for work, leisure or party. Additional to this practicality and roominess, you get the option to add fancy to your walk-in closet by putting in ancient, contemporary or futuristic lighting options, fancy accessories and good looking hardware. You can customize to make your closet a boutique in your home.

Major Closet Features

Reach in

One of the essential elements of a complete bedroom is the reach-in closet. It is ideally suited to the dimensions of your room and provides you the required space to store your things. The excellence of a reach-in closet lies in its ability to be accessible enough despite being compact. It needs to be in line with the design and décor of your bedroom to give the best view and symmetry. An ideal reach in closet provides you with

To cater your needs of storing your garments, party wear, shoes and any other accessories you want to keep safe.

Major Closet Features


Melamine finish walk-in closets are also available. They include a melamine finish along with deco drawers and doors, bottom and top moulding, brushed out brass knobs


We begin every project with a detailed discussion on your home design which is a complementary part of every package.

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